Family First


This being my first blog post, I decided to do it on the most important influential women in my life. Family. I am so fond of all the girls in my life, especially these gals. My mom is my leading lady, and she’s had the biggest impact on me since I was born. She’s always encouraging me to try new things, even when I don’t want to (or especially then). She knows what’s best for me, and can judge my mood in within seconds. Stacy is a very perceptive lady, and radiates kindness and warmth. She’s my go-to influential woman.


As for my sisters, I’m so proud of all of them individually. They’re all so gifted and intelligent, and we all get along swimmingly. Emma is the oldest, at 22. She went to UCLA and majored in Neuroscience in Pre-med. She now works at a healthcare consulting firm in San Francisco. I refer to her at the nerd of the family, but actually I’m envious of her type-A personality allowing her to work so hard. Allie is 20 years old, and she’s enrolled in New York University (NYU) currently. She’s majoring in Romance Languages, focusing on Spanish and Portuguese. I would say I resonate with Allie the most, because we are the most alike. Ever since I was little, we’ve been enjoying the same books, movies, and humor. Allie works in a kindergarten class part-time as a student teacher in New York City, and the kids absolutely adore her. The last sister is Sophie. She’s 18 and goes to SBHS with me. Sophie loves history, film, and the beach. You won’t see her anywhere without sunglasses. She just finished her applications for colleges like Duke, Dartmouth, Barnard, and USC.


Although we are all extremely different, I couldn’t love these girls more. They encourage me to do things I would have never thought to do before, and they make me feel good about myself. Despite the common clothes fights, or bathroom struggles, we get along well, and I look up to each and every one of them. They all have accomplished so much, and will later in their lives too. I’m so lucky to have them in my life, and though it might be a lot of estrogen for my dad sometimes, we’re all best friends in the end.


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