remember, how the stars stole the night away

IMG_7410 Rowan Blanchard is a 14 year-old girl who I look up to infinitely. She’s an American actress mostly known for her role as Riley Matthew’s on Disney’s “Girl Meets World.” Rowan has also appeared in the movies “Back-up Plan,” “Little in Common,” “Spy Kids,” and “A World Away.” In her TV career, the actress appears in “Dance-a-lot Robot,” “Girl Meets W0rld,” “Best Friends Whenever,” and “Invisible Sister.” Even though she’s so young to be in the film industry, Rowan has bravely spoken out about feminism and LGBTQIA+ rights. She has recently come out as queer, stating that while she “use to feel only attraction towards boys,” she now feels more comfortable with her sexuality open to liking any gender. Rowan uses platforms like Twitter and Tumblr to speak on equality issues, but she has also spoken at the UN Women and US National Committee’s annual conference for the feminist campaign “He For She.”

IMG_7416Rowan is such an inspiration to me because in her I see all the young girls apart of the LGBTQIA+ society, being represented by this passionate young girl who has power to recognize the inequalities associated with women. It makes me think that if I were famous, as she is, I would be doing the same thing, hoping to be at least half as inspirational as she is. It’s necessary for woman who have a platform of power to recognize the problems in the industry and call people out on what they have done wrong. Rowan is a perfect example of this because she’s not intimidated by those older and more powerful than she is. She holds her ground and stands tall against them. Rowan can show young girls that they can stand up to the oppression and use their voices to support equality.

IMG_7434To all the girls out there reading this, don’t let men oppress you and put you down just because of your gender. Use people like Rowan Blanchard to stay strong and speak out about global issues. Don’t be afraid to get out there and let others hear your voice. I know Rowan would be proud. Also, don’t be afraid to be yourself, because even though there’s a world of prejudice out there, the young actress stood up and came out publicly and proudly.

Title from “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire.


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