but you never shake me

IMG_7470Nicola Adams is this week’s influential woman because of her perseverance, pride, and strength (literally.) Adams is a British boxer who was the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title. She won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, and is also reigning at the Commonwealth Games and the European Games. As of 2012, Nicola is rated number two in the Flyweight division, just behind world champion Ren Cancan. Adams has been winning bouts since she was 13, being the first woman boxer in 2001. Staying strong, she became an English amateur champion for the first time. Adams hasaccomplished a lot of “firsts” in the world of boxing. Her titles go on even more, like her being the first English female to win a medal in a major tournament, or the first female boxer to receive an award from the Boxing Writers’ Club of Great Britain. Aside from gaining wins on the boxing front, Nicola accomplished in getting her Doctor of Laws degree at the University of Leeds in England. She’s not just a buff girl, she has brains too, and that’s what so inspiring about her.

IMG_7464Nicola Adams is openly bisexual, uncommon in the world of hardcore sports. She was named the most influential LGBT person in Britain by the Independent in 2012. This made her the first queer person to win an Olympic boxing gold medal. I think this shows young girls that no matter how society shapes you, you shouldn’t be afraid of being yourself and also excelling in what you love. She’s an inspiration because she stayed in school as well as boxing. Queer and woman representation in the world of boxing is important because since its such an male-run sport, it’s good to have females who are confident in who they are doing what they love, destroying prejudices and gender roles. People try to erase the representation of LGBTQIA+ people in media and the news, but Nicola is making sure that doesn’t happen.

IMG_7490It’s necessary to remember the women in the world that work as hard as they can, while being overlooked constantly for men. Women like Nicola destroy the concept of gender roles, and condemn society for the unfair expectations that are placed upon them.

Title from “Stuck on You” by Elvis Presley.


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