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Greetings. I’m Olivia DiFilippo, and I’m passionate about women’s rights, film photography, and my cats. I was born in Sao Paulo,  Brazil, and have moved around the U.S. to several different states. Right now, I’m enrolled in the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy (MAD) at Santa Barbara High School in California. I hope to pursue a career in some sort of technological aspect, and help to reduce the gender and wage gap between males in females in the work place. I want to educate those who are ignorant of the many inequalities in our world, and address the powerful and influential females that constantly get overlooked in favor of men.


I love to find new places to take pictures with my friends, and also to just lay in the grass and enjoy nature. We all firmly believe that influential females obtain less credibility than men do, and I hope to acknowledge the ladies that have impacted the world in their own ways.  After reading through my blog, I want everyone to leave feeling enlightened and educated, especially my ladies out there. Go kick some butt in the work place girls!



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